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Billy Bibs 口水肩保養 Care Instructions

Billy Bibs 的產品主要用來保護嬰幼兒衣服及令嬰兒穿搭增添色彩。基於食物污漬較難清理,我們並不建議嬰兒在進食期間使用 Billy Bibs 口水肩。

請參考以下以保養 Billy Bibs 的產品:

  1. 手洗或放在洗衣袋內後機洗
  2. 使用天然、不含磷酸鹽的洗衣劑清洗
  3. 掛起或放平晾乾(請將流蘇向上)
  4. 如手洗,請按壓以擠出水份,再把口水肩掛在陰涼位置晾乾
  5. 燙平會使產品看起來更好
  6. 洗尸弓有機會會影響口水肩的裝飾的外觀
  7. 請勿漂白或烘乾

Billy Bibs are made to accessorize & protect a babies outfit from drool. Wearing the bibs during a mealtime is not recommended. Food stains are very difficult to remove so we recommend using a wipeable bib during their meal.

Items from Billy Bibs require special care:

  1. Machine wash bibs with like colours in a garment bag or hand wash.
  2. Wash your bibs with a natural, phosphate free detergent on a gentle cycle.
  3. Re-shape and hang or lay flat to dry with the fringe facing up.
  4. If you hand wash, squeeze out water and hang to dry in a shady area.
  5. Iron well to get it back to looking new & to reseal any seams.
  6. Washing might change the look of the embellishments & trims.
  7. Never bleach or tumble dry.