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商品系列: Dainty Dulcie

Dainty Dulcie is an Austalian owned business established by a pretty mum, Simone, in late 2020. Simone has always wanted to create pieces that were easy to wear, pretty but not ostentatious, and of a superior quality. Clips that little girls ask to wear every morning, that don’t pull or hurt, and don’t fall out whilst playing. All of the styles are hand finished personally so as to assure the absolute highest quality. 

Dainty Dulcie 是由一位澳洲媽媽 Simone 在2020年成立的品牌。Simone致力生產出漂亮而不浮誇,並且擁有高品質的髮夾。他們希望他們家的髮夾會是小女孩每天早上希望實上的,並且不會在玩耍時掉落的髮夾。品牌所有的髮夾都是由手做的以確保絕對的高品質。

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