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商品系列: That’s Mine

With the motto “Tales designed in Denmark”, That’s Mine was established in 2015 which desires to bring traditional stories to live for children and their parents. They are inspired by the magic of childhood. Their goal is to design durable and multifunctional products that motivate children to play longer and that makes parents’ lives easier. All the designs and ideas are inspired by the playful, exploring minds of children and how they are inspired by their surroundings, especially in nature. That is why they produce organically to respect the environment.

That’s Mine 是成立於2015年的丹麥品牌,致力設計內容及多功能的產品給孩子及父母。品牌設計靈感源於孩子,他們的好動、他們的思考模式,以及他們如何被環境啟發。源於對孩子的愛,所有產品都是以保護環境的前提下製作生產。 

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