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商品系列: Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery is an American brand founded by Surya and Dave. Surya is a graphic designer with a background in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology while Dave was a teacher. They were fascinated by the idea of helping their baby’s brain develop by literally playing with visuals. They built a fun and creative world of animals and nature themes, thoughtfully designed to entertain and educate. Each of their safe and sustainable learning toys for babies are founded on years of research to support your little one’s growing mind.

Wee Gallery 是由 Surya 及 Dave 創立的美國兒童玩具品牌。Surya是一名有化學、植物學及動物學背景的平面設計師,而Dave在成立品牌前則是老師。他們深信嬰兒能透過視覺遊戲以幫助腦部發展,因此他們創造一系列以動物及大自然為主題的產品從而娛樂及教育小孩。他們的產品畫風鮮明獨特,並由安全物料造成,吸引小孩的同時亦是安全可信賴的教育一具。

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