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Saga Copenhagen - 擁抱鵝安撫巾 Cuddle Goose (Almond)

Saga Copenhagen - 擁抱鵝安撫巾 Cuddle Goose (Almond)

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Saga Copenhagen 有機棉擁抱鵝安撫巾可以成為你寶貝的好朋友,寶貝既可以擁着它又可以跟它玩呢!另可在安撫巾上裝上安撫奶嘴,讓寶寶感到開心之餘父母也不用再為找奶嘴而感到煩惱~產品是由高品質有機棉造成,給寶貝肌膚最溫柔的觸感,並不會對地球造成負擔。

  • 尺寸:44x46cm
  • 材質:100%有機棉
  • 填充物:100%再生PE (鵝頭)
  • 認證:獲有全球有機紡織認證 - 72% 由有機物料造成 (CU 1001165
  • 清潔: 30°C 機洗
  • 丹麥設計,印度製造

  • # 圖片只供參考,顏色以實物為準

    Organic Cotton Cuddle Goose

    This cute and very soft Cuddle Goose is your Childs new best friend. Its' perfect to cuddle and play with at the same time. The Cuddle Goose comes with a strap where you can easily attach the pacifier, so you always know where it is. 

  • Size: 44x46cm
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Recycled Polyester (Head)
  • Certification: GOTS Made with 72% Organic Materials CU 1001165
  • Care instructions:  30°C machine wash
  • Designed in Denmark. Made in India

    # Product colour may slight vary due to photographic lighting