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Collection: mama’s tem

mama’s tem is a design company which cares about user experience and places emphasis on babies’ needs. The team designed and produced wrist-band type baby teething device which helps them gain good reputation. Products of mama’s tem are recommended by many Korean mothers.

mama’s tem 是一家專為新生兒及幼兒需求,以使用者經驗為設計出發的設計公司。團隊成功研發肉肉手環套型固齒器,從觀察新生兒及寶寶的行為和生活模式,設計生產出適合寶寶所使用的固齒器及奶嘴。商品以漂亮的外觀及以核心的用戶體驗設計,解決媽媽寶寶使用上所遇到的問題,因而受到韓國媽媽高度的認同及推薦,以口碑式銷售創造出極大的銷售佳績。


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