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littleCHEW is founded by the two beautiful sisters in the US with the mission to create a fashionable, safe and functional product which enriches the connection between the mother and the baby, whilst benefiting them both. Every piece of their product is handcrafted with love and care under the highest safety code that meets USA and European standards. Each product littleCHEW design is one of a kind, reusable and washable!

litteCHEW 是由美國的一對漂亮姊妹所成立,她們致力生產既時尚、又安全且實用的產品,以增進母親與嬰兒間的連結。每一件產品都設計獨特,並可重用及可清洗。產品都是用愛製作,並符合美國及歐洲的最高安全指引,可放心給寶寶使用,絕對符合媽媽的要求。

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